Showcase The Street | Manhattan Works


Architecture is not only about the visual appearance of a building, often it is about an improved quality of life which the users of the space experience.

Showcase The Street was formed in 2003 to support young people, in areas of deprivation, to access the arts and now providing wider access to sports, to achieve this.

The success of the facility at Manhattan Works has been acknowledged by prominent community champions, which will cast the net even further into the community.

Tucked away in former industrial units off Dundonald Street, the facility retains its industrial exterior whilst being transformed within, into bright, light, fun and energetic spaces.

Football, dance, karate, roller hockey, disability sports, baby sensory classes and now Coca- Cola's '5by20,' programme are all catered for under one roof. This huge range of community facilities is improving the quality of life for all those involved.