The 'Backies' | Baffin Street


Tucked out the back of a tenemented row lies an under used and dilapidated shared garden area.

Overgown lawns and sheds in a state of disrepair make the place feel unloved, despite a feeling among the residents that something really special can be created to enliven the space.

Through our connections with local community groups we were approached to prepare a design to breathe life back into it.

Consultations were carried out by enthusiastic residents and we prepared a design to incorporate grassed lawns, drying areas, seating, a barbeque area, patio and children's play huts.

Small planters were also introduced to allow residents to grown plants or be a little self-sufficient and grow vegetables. With an emphasis on low maintenance a simple palette of materials were selected and the scheme has been submitted to the Local Communities Officer.

It is hoped to work alongside a local artist to brighten up the whole area and it will be great to see it brought back to use.